President Mugabe’s son Robert Junior has found himself  in the wheelchair debate after he poked fun at people who pointed out that his father was now using a mobile chair due to old age and failing health.

His nemesis-in-chief is related to  NPP leader Joice Mujuru.

Wellence Mujuru loves to throw barbs at Robert Mugabe junior over his relationship with Zanu PF.

That the two do not see eye to eye is undisputed but what boggles the mind is what triggered the tiff.

The feud escalated this week following the massage chair or rather ‘wheelchair’ which was presented to President Mugabe as a belated 93rd birthday gift.

“Kana Bond Note rakafanana ne US Dollar saka wheelchair ne massage chair zvotadza kufanana sei(If bond note is equivalent to US$ then wheelchair is also the same as special chair given to President Mugabe)?” said Wellence.

Apparently, the feud had massive buy in from other social media users with most of them taking Rob Jnr head on.

Another person commented: “That’s Zimbabwe for you. We joke with everything. But the Massage Wheel Chair was intended by cabinet to send a very strong message to the President that his time  is up he should now retire, sit down and write his memoirs.The fact that it was also presented by minister responsible for retired public servants was pregnant with meaning.”

Mugabe’s son was then reminded by a number of people that his father has run down the country and deserves to retire in a wheelchair.

Robert jnr shot back at Mujuru telling him to go back to Grade 2 if he does not know the difference between a wheelchair and massage chair.