Self-styled Prophet, Passion Java’s convoy has reportedly  been involved in a fatal road accident in Harare today.

Social media is awash with pictures of a pedestrian believed to have been killed in the accident that happened by Celdon along Seke Road.

The pedestrian is said to have died on the spot.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed the accident.

Police said the woman was aged around 20 years. Reads a police statement:

The ZRP confirms a fatal road traffic accident which occurred today at around 1208 hours along Seke Road near a Zuva Service Station when a BMW X6 vehicle which was travelling towards Chitungwiza hit a woman aged +/-20 who was trying to cross the road from West to East.

The woman died on the spot.

Social media activist Willance Mujuru commented on Twitter, saying that Java did not stop.

He posted:

We have raised concerns before about the Prophet’s entourage they speed like the state motorcades. Anyway RIP dear soul. Kana Uri weMusangano unoita zvaunoda munyika.