CHITUNGWIZA: Winky D, a popular Zimbabwe musician whose real name is Wallace Chirumiko, faced controversy during his first live show since releasing his contentious album Eureka when members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police ordered him to stop his performance at the Blue Roof in Damview, Chitungwiza on Saturday evening.

The disruption occurred when Winky D attempted to perform his latest song iBotso, which led to violent skirmishes on stage and angry reactions from the audience.

The album’s songs denounce social and political injustice, corruption, and economic hardship, leading to accusations of promoting a regime change agenda.

Holy Ten, a hip-hop artist who collaborated with Winky D on the song Ibotso, expressed regret and claimed the song was being dragged into partisan politics.

The album also drew fierce criticism from Zanu PF officials, including a call for a ban on Winky D’s music by the Zanu PF-affiliated Economic Empowerment Group.

DANCEHALL heavyweight Winky D, real name Wallace Chirumiko, WAS today expected to dazzle Dam View Chikwanha Blue Roof Grill and Bar in Chitungwiza. The Disappear hit maker WAS scheduled to share the stage with Saintfloew, Garry Tight, Stunner and Kae Chaps.