A Zimbabwean slay queen RUVA has gone viral after her n#des and s.e.x video got leaked by her former boss. Her real name is Ruvarashe Singano, she seems to have disabled her social media platforms Instagram (@ruvah_rashe), TikTok and Facebook.

Ruva seems to be a troublemaker and loves to play with married men. At first, a lot of people did not understand why she was trending but after the pictures of her n#des hit Twitter – she deleted or disabled her Twitter account and seems all her other social media platforms are also down.

Zimbabwe might be struggling with the economy but we are definitely not struggling when it comes to scandals. From Winky D getting snubbed by the NAMA team to Mai TT coming to the NAMAs with bodyguards… We have another talking point and this time it’s Ruvarashe who used to work at Karma!

Ruva has been trending on social media after her ex-boss leaked a series of pictures of the curvy young lady that we supposedly sent to her husband. The n#des have since gone viral and amongst all that, there is a video of the young lady having Lula Lula which we are wondering about.

The video was leaked together with the pictures but the way it is and how she is performing will make you wonder if it’s really Ruva in the video or if it’s a professional P0RNstar? If the video is really Ruva then we totally understand why Karma’s Boss hubby keeps going back for more… I mean Ruva is talented!

We are not here to spoil surprises so we will let you watch the video and decide whether it’s really Ruva who is twerking to the beat or just another Lula Lula Star! Watch the video below and let us know if it’s Ruva, we doubt it’s her but the video was leaked with her other pictures.