Local hip-hop artist, Stunner, will forever rue the day he decided to beat up his wife for refusing to hand over her phone to him, after a local quick-service restaurant, Mambo’s Chicken, took a jibe at the veteran rapper in an advert posted on social media.

Stunner (real name Desmond Tambawoga Chideme) hogged the media limelight for all the wrong reasons after he recently assaulted his wife, Dyonne Tafirenyika at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare, after the artist’s wife had reportedly refused to give him her mobile phone.

Circumstances surrounding the matter, which is now before the courts of law, are that Stunner followed Dyonne into the ladies toilet where he demanded to see her mobile phone, which she refused.

Subsequently, Stunner allegedly dragged Dyonne to the car park where he reportedly hit her with fists, repeatedly kicking her as she lay on the ground.

And, Mambo’s Chicken decided to take a jibe in an advert promoting its chicken and chips combo on their official Twitter handle, which reads:

“Stunning Chicks

Don’t hit them. Make hit songs”.

Quite a remarkable number of tweeps were literally left with aching ribs by the advert from the same eatery which, at one time, took a jibe at musician Jah Prayzah and politician Temba Mliswa.

This was after Mliswa had made poorly evidenced claims that the Kutonga Kwaro hitmaker was in the despicable habit of sleeping around with married women.

Despite the Norton MP claiming that he was going to avail the evidence of his claims against the musician, he never did so, prompting the outlet to release another rib-aching advert captioned:

“Jah haana mhosva. Kana atenga zvidya anodya akazvi Temba”.

Here are some selected responses to the Stunner ‘diss advert’ from Mambo’s Chicken:

I’m sensing a spirit of violence can I go deeper- @emmanuelaer

I want a date with your marketing team ..male of female I don’t care ,will use condoms- @zimleague

Ndikuuya na bae kuzvidya izvozvo- @chasurachasura

Tazoita violence records- @mdara_shaty

oh no, hanzi make hit songs- Jumbe Tatenda

Mambo’s never disappoints…..stunner afambwa apa…he’s the zimbabwean equivalent of will smith this guy.