Wicknell Chivayo, a controversial Zimbabwean business tycoon known for his flamboyant lifestyle, has issued a statement following allegations that he is romantically involved with South African social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase and a Zimbabwean woman named Mazvi. These allegations emerged amidst rumors that Chivayo was using his wealth to take women on lavish trips to America and shower them with gifts. Chivayo has also consoled ‘the innocent ladies Mazvi and Mihlali, their family, friends and boyfriends’ on the anxiety created by the story.

In a strongly worded response, Chivayo categorically stated that he does not know either of the women personally or through any of his business associates. He dismissed the rumors as baseless falsehoods originated by an attention-seeking blogger known as “@The Instigator” on a social media platform.

Chivayo expressed his frustration with the fabrication of such stories, particularly as they could damage his reputation. He emphasized his commitment to protecting his reputation and condemned those who spread fictitious rumors for their own gain. He also extended empathy to Ndamase, Mazvi, and their families for being dragged into the controversy.

Addressing the blogger directly, Chivayo urged them to consider the consequences of spreading false information, highlighting the potential impact on people’s relationships, reputations, and future opportunities.

The statement serves as Chivayo’s public rebuttal to the allegations, emphasizing his denial of any romantic involvement with the named individuals and his frustration with the spread of false information.

Being the gentleman I am, I wish to express my regret to the innocent ladies Mazvi and Mihlali, their family, friends and boyfriend/spouse (if any) on the anxiety that this may have caused…Wicknell