Flamboyant entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo ignites controversy by publicly shaming Sungura musician Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah over a viral video.

The Viral Clip: Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah’s Interaction at the Auto Shop In a move that stirred social media, Wicknell Chivayo took to his Facebook account to share a trending video featuring Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah. The footage captures Madzibaba Nicholas engaged in conversation with another individual at an auto repair shop while his vehicle undergoes maintenance.

During the exchange, the man, apparently a fervent admirer of Madzibaba Nicholas, questions him about his car. Madzibaba Nicholas responds by explaining that he has been using the same car for an extended period, and it has begun to show signs of wear and tear.

Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah discloses that his vehicle has experienced recurrent breakdowns, necessitating multiple repairs.

The individual conversing with him emphasizes that given Madzibaba Nicholas’ stature as a music icon, he merits a reliable vehicle, suitable for performances and church visits.

Crucially, Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah neither solicits nor mentions Wicknell Chivayo’s name, nor does he request a vehicle from him in the video.

Nevertheless, the clip appears to have provoked Wicknell Chivayo, who reproaches Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah for what he interprets as an implied demand for a car from him.