The tendency of casting comparatives has, indeed, become an entrenched trait esspecially for citizens whose umblical cords were literally buried in independent Zimbabwe.

During the long reign of dethroned despot Robert Mugabe, it was commonplace to come across those who witnessed the brutish British colonial supremacy making insinuations, even to the extent that ‘Rhodesia was better’.

Apparently agonised by the economic hardships blamed on the incompetence of the perennially bungling Mugabe regime, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was eventually ‘glorified’ for coming up with vibrant policies which kept his Colony in good shape despite sanctions imposed on his Government for his 1965 Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

Fast forward to November 2017, and Mugabe is dethroned in a dramatic military coup which propelled his longtime understudy, Emmerson Mnangagwa to the presidency.

When he occupied the coveted state presidency three years ago, Mnangagwa promised to divorce his policies from those of his predecessor with a signature ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra.

But, in the ensuing years, Mnangagwa has proved to have cuddled the teachings of his predecessor. Albeit singing from the same hymnbook with the late Mugabe, the incumbent Zimbabwean leader has also become an easy subject of ‘comparing’ Zimbabweans.

For all the trials and tribulations they faced under the dictatorial deceased long-ruling despot, a larger section of Zimbabweans has often argued that ‘Mugabe was better than Mnangagwa.

We now take excerpts from one Zimbabwe internet user, Chipo Dendere who took to the micro-blogging Twitter platform to state the reasons why she thinks ‘Mugabe was better’.

“Under Robert Mugabe people could go on the streets. Mugabe would unleash riot police. That people could deal with. Teargas hurts but it rarely kills. Mnangagwa uses the army, soldiers who aren’t afraid to shoot and kill. This is why people fear protests now #ZimbabweanLivesMatter .

I am now afraid of street protests. Maybe I am a coward. However, I witnessed the Aug 1st 2018 massacre and it terrified me. I was hiding in miekles so scared. When my husband eventually came to pick me up around 8pm town looked like a war zone- those huge tankers everywhere.”

Was Zimbabwe a better country under Robert Mugabe than it is ,now under Emmerson Mnangagwa? What is your personal opinion as a Zimbabwean who has lived under the administration of the two Zanu PF politicians?