“Why Is MDC Losing When All Suffering People Mustn’t Vote For ZANU PF?”

News Day editor, Conway Tutani, has dismissed allegations that the opposition MDC is losing elections because the ruling ZANU PF is rigging elections. Tutani notes that the electorate votes for a bevvy of reasons.

Echoing former ZANU PF member and Liberation war heroine, Margaret Dongo’s remarks, Tutani said that the MDC was now facing competition from non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

During an interview with Joyce Jenje-Makwenda, Dongo said:

You will find that they (NGOs) have money for salaries, travel allowances and posh cars, but they do not have money for projects or to finish projects despite the fact that the donor has spent millions on women empowerment in every aspect, be it political, maternal health or domestic violence.

Tutani, argues that victory for the opposition is a threat to NGOs existence. He further notes that NGOs fear that if the MDC will deliver if it is voted into power. This, as he noted is not good for them as they prey on maladministration by the government.

Tutani also attributes the MDC’s losses to linear thinking in politics worldwide. He notes that the electorate vote for many and varied reasons. He said:

Americans who considered themselves to be non-racist voted for Donald Trump, who has made racist statements, in the 2016 presidential election.

He also argued that loyalty does not just evaporate like dew with sunrise. He said that ZANU PF is voted with its flaws because of achievements it made even decades ago.