Zimbabwe National Army Commander General Constantine Chiwenga has changed his name.

His new name in full is now Constantino(o for e at the end) Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga.

“The Commander Defence Forces has changed his first names to Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga with effect from 20 June, 2016. The surname has remained unchanged,” read a notice from the Zimbabwe Army Press Office.

A source in the army who refused to be named told our reporters that Chiwenga whose job contract in the army is finishing this month might be destined for a higher office in Zimbabwe government without further explanation on the nature of a new job prospect awaiting Mr Chiwenga.

Chiwenga who recently got a PhD in international relations is likely changing his first name to avoid some legal obstacles as he eyes a better job than what he has now.