Munangagwa News Today

Zimbabwe Vice President Emerson D Mnangagwa has decided to clear his name following a go ahead from president Mugabe for him to talk about succession accusations labelled against him by Mandi Chimene.

While talking to journalists in Harare today, Mnangagwa dismissed all allegations, highlighting how he, for the last 54 years has worked faithfully and tirelessly for and with President Robert Mugabe.

As we reported last week, Mnangagwa is a marked man in Zanu PF as he is now routinely picked upon and humiliated by junior party members in the likes of Grace Mugabe, Sarah Mahoka and recently Mandi Chimene.

The deputy president has also promised a crackdown on those putting his name into disrepute.

These false, concocted, malicious and frivolous allegations will neither deter nor detract me from diligently and effectively executing my duties and responsibilities as assigned to me by the His Excellency, the President Cde Mugabe,” he said.

“I have recently witnessed a disturbing and alien trend whereby party cadres concoct unfounded, unproven, blatant lies and callous utterances and accusations against me with the ultimate objective of deprecating and maligning my person and standing,” said Vice President Mnangagwa.