This year has gotten off to a rocky start due to all the lockdowns and public health measures taken around the world. In many countries, sports are still off the table – in others, in turn, the evolution of the pandemic has allowed them to return. In Europe, most countries have seen their national football leagues finish their seasons, and decide which teams went on to the Champions League, the top-tier football club competition in Europe. With a few notable exceptions, of course – France, for example, decided to end its national championship early and declare a champion based on the standings at the time.

This is certainly a completely out-of-the-ordinary year for European football – but life doesn’t stop. While the matches will be played with a special focus on the health and safety of the players, without spectators, and only in selected locations, they will still be played – and if all goes well, a champion will be crowned at the end of the tournament. Who will this be? While it’s still very early to speculate, let’s take a look at the odds of the favorite teams according to the odds listed at the Betway Sports betting website.

5. and 4. Barcelona and Atlético Madrid

Real Madrid has proven its worth in this year’s La Liga season by overtaking both Barcelona and Atlético Madrid in the standings – by 5 and 17 points, respectively. Still, Betway’s oddsmakers currently think that the chances of the second and third in the season are better to win the European club championship.

Actually, the odds of both are equal to win at this point, even if not the best – both of them have a 9/1 chance (10%) to win.

3. Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain didn’t actually win the Ligue 1 this year – it was crowned champion in May based on its standings in the league when France decided to end its season early. Its chances of winning were pretty good – it was in the lead both by points and goal difference.

The team has a squad consisting of some of the best footballers today, including captain Thiago Silva, forward             Kylian Mbappé, Brazilian football legend Neymar, and many others. According to Betway’s oddsmakers, the team has a 9/8 (close to 20%) chance to win this year’s Champions League.

2. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is at its 29th Bundesliga title and already has five Champions League titles – the last one was in 2013, so it’s long overdue for a win. Apparently, Betway’s oddsmakers agree, giving it odds of 7/2 (close to 80%) chance to win.

1. Manchester City

For a while, it seemed that Manchester City will not get the chance to compete in this year’s Champions League – or any other European event – after it was banned for “serious breaches of cost control regulations”. In a surprise move, in turn, the ban was overturned this year, allowing the Citizens to return to the competition.

Manchester City beat Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League Round of 16 match back in February, and this has bent the odds in its favor.