31st July Movement

When we hold our peaceful demonstration in the week of the people’s action, from 10th August 2020 to the 15th August 2020 we must have in our minds and hearts the malicious and cruel incarceration of our comrades Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume who are languishing in remand prison.

As we are now all aware, Hopewell was denied bail by the High Court yesterday and the ruling for Jacob Ngarivhume is set for today. Although we fear the worst, our fingers are crossed that there will be justice on the bail appeal by Jacob Ngarivhume when the judgment is delivered this afternoon.

Dear Zimbabweans, just like you, I am also in shock and at a loss to understand just what exactly is the crime allegedly committed by Hopewell and Jacob.

There is no society governed on the tenants of democracy that criminalises speech against corruption and the looting of public resources and assets.

What makes it bizarre is that, some of those who have committed the crime of looting and corruption walked into court as if they were wking into their bedroom, when they made their court appearances.

We all saw how Obadiah Moyo and Delish Nguwaya were taken to Court and promptly granted bail without much fuss. In Obadiah Moyo’s case, the procedure of an accused person being brought to Court was not followed. Obadiah Moyo was not surrendered to the prison services before being brought before the Magistrate.

He entered into Court using the entrance reserved for lawyers, court officials and persons on bail. He used the same entrance to exit with a coterie of bodyguards on tour.

Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume are being treated as if the State has apprehended Osama bin Laden or Masqac al Zawahiri.

This is happening because for a long time, dear Zimbabweans, we have allowed those with authority to preside over our affairs and to behave as if they own our country, or as if we owe them anything or as if they are demi gods.

We must speak loudly against this kind of injustice. It will be a sin of omission on our part, if we allow the injustice against Hopewell and Jacob to go unchallenged. From the 10th to the 15th of August next week, we must all speak against this kind of injustice in our country.

We can not perpetuate what Leonard Zhakata sang as, “mutemo yekwedu yakasiyana. Zvinobva nokuti wabva mumba mani”. Not in the 21st century.

Speak Zimbabwe Speak
NO to Corruption
NO to Looting
NO to Abductions
NO to Torture
NO to Violence Against Citizens
NO to All Forms of Gross Human Rights Abuses.