President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa says Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to stand with Zimbabwe in anything that may come up.

Speaking at the Robert Mugabe International Airport upon his arrival Russia this morning, Mnangagwa said he was the only leader from Africa who was invited by Putin to a summit.

“Takanosangana neshasha inonzi Putin, akati Russia ne Zimbabwe takabva kure tichiwirirana.

“Uye zvabuda zvese tichakutsigirai,” said Mnangagwa loosely translated; (We met a champion called Putin, he told me that his country and Zimbabwe enjoy long-standing relations, adding that whatever comes up he will always stand by us).

Apparently, Mnangagwa triggered controversy recently after he bad-mouthed Zambia while in a meeting with Putin.

He said Zambia is getting aid and military support from America, supposedly begging for the same from Russia.

According to analysts, his sentiments are likely going to cause a ‘diplomatic war’ between Zambia and Zimbabwe.