Seccesionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) blames low pass rates in the Matabeleland region to Shona-speaking teachers who are deployed in the predominantly Ndebele-speaking areas, and warned that the MRP was going to remove the teachers from ‘their’ areas, ‘by force’.

Mfanelo Sibanda

MRP’s Youth Organiser for South Africa, Mfanelo Sibanda, made the sensational claims in his reaction to comments by Primary and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema that there was ‘nothing amiss’ in the deployment of school teachers across the country.
Mathema said the deployments are done from the district education offices.
But Sibanda reacted angrily to Mathema’s comments, saying if the school teachers were being deployed right from the districts, Matabeleland could not be experiencing low pass rates on a perrenial basis.
Sibanda blames the Shona-speaking teachers for the low pass rates in the debatably marginalized two Matabeleland provinces.

Minister Cain Mathema

“The Minister is talking nonsense. If really kuqhatswa ngama district, ngabe eMatabeleland asila low pass rate. (If teachers were, really, deployed from the districts, we were not going to experience low pass rates in Matabeleland)”, said Sibanda in remarks posted on Facebook, Friday afternoon.
“Ngabe amatshona agcwele ezikholo zakhithi efundisa ezabelweni zethu ngabe kawekho (the Shonas teaching at schools in our areas mustn’t be there). Thanks to those who asked the question. MRP must now remove Shona-speaking teachers, by force, in our schools”, he said.
Traditionally, Matabeleland schools have performed badly in terms of academic performance and the schools in the province have continued to play second fiddle to those from other provinces.