The ruling Zanu-PF party’s Youth League has criticised  former President Robert Mugabe for saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be judged by God for his brutality and needless killing of civilians.

Writing on social media, Deputy Secretary for the Youth League, Lewis Matutu had no kind words for Mr Mugabe.

He  wrote:

Mugabe doesn’t deserve any respect, he must be put in his rightful place as an unrepentant selfish old man. RGM looted from this country, recently his workers stole millions of US dollars from his rural home and he owns many farms at the expense of other Zimbabweans.

ZANU PF youth league would like to put it on record that former President RGM has crossed the line and no longer have our respect. President Mnangagwa should stop treating this bitter, greedy and selfish old man as a small God because he doesn’t deserve it.

Unlike other former Presidents in the region and beyond former President, RGM has proved to be selfish, he wanted to die in office as if he is the only Zimbabwean and he can’t even be ashamed of his misrule and nepotism that was so tribal and divisive.

RGM must allow Zimbabwe to move on understanding that he was never a life President. We all have old relatives but they don’t behave abnormally and irresponsible, he used to be a patriot and he must remember the need to respect those in authority as he was also respected.