At the time Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters are stuck as to what could be the best way forward to deal with President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s disputed election victory, party spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi has implied that his party has no plan on how to reclaim their so-called stolen election victory.

Commenting on a discussion to be hosted by SAPES director Ibbo Mandaza themed: “The 2023 Elections condemned: What should SADC, the AU, and the International Community do?” Mkwananzi said his party is seeking ideas on the way forward.

“Let us tune in & keep the issue of the stolen election & Mnangagwa’s illegitimate rulership alive. And also share points & ideas on how best to move forward, together & reclaim the people’s mandate from those who have stolen it.

“Their hope is that with the lapse of time, we will give up on our mandate. Let us prove them wrong. We will continue to demand that our choices be respected, our votes must count & that Zimbabwe should undergo a fresh, free & fair election,” he said.

He added that it is a tall order to reclaim the victory, but urged citizens not to lose hope no matter what and how long it would take.

“It doesn’t matter what this will take, how long it will take. We have drawn a line in the sand, nobody will steal the people’s mandate & get away with it ever again.

“It’s a tall order but I know the people of Zimbabwe, peace loving yet resolute, fair but firm, patient yet full of courage, will stand & stand until we defeat electoral fraud & teach the thieves that stealing elections will not happen again in our country.

“Let us stand strong but peaceful, non-violent but firm & intentional, victory is ours!” He said.

Meanwhile, CCC president Nelson Chamisa has been under fire for allegedly lacking plan on how to deal with the said election theft.

Apparently, election observers to the recent polls in the country condemned them as not having been free and fair.

The European Union has since suspended its financial support to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, citing the way it handled the just ended polls.