Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe has responded to minister of Industry Sekai Nzenza who recently told Senators that Zambian cement is cheaper than the one produced in Zimbabwe because it is low quality.

Kalimbwe says the minister should leave Zambians alone.

“Sekai Nzenza, a Zimbabwean Industry Minister, is insulting our country by saying “Zambia has poor quality cement”.

“She must behave and leave our country out of her issues. She must leave us alone. We are home in Zambia, we don’t go to eat Nshima/Sadza at her house.”

Cement in Zambia cost between US$3.50 and US$6, while in Zimbabwe cost between US$10 and US$12.

The price differences prompted Senator Chinake to enquire on whether Zimbabweans will not end up importing from Zambia.

However, in her response, Minister Nzenza said Zimbabwean cement was of superior quality than Zambia.

‘’Cement is a key product in construction, infrastructure, and housing. The prices that you have made reference to are true. In Zambia, it varies from US$3.50 to US$6.

‘’There are differences on the cement that is manufactured in Zambia and the one that we have in Zimbabwe. The differences are in quality and standards.

‘’I have a report that came from the Consumer Protection Council and they have highlighted that the cement from Zambia does not set very well when you apply it on the floor and if you use it on the wall, that wall may collapse. As the custodians of quality and standards in this country, we do not want to see that happening.

‘’In Zimbabwe, we have three companies that manufacture cement such as PPC, Lafarge, and SinoZim. SinoZim is mass-producing cement. This particular cement has been used in the construction of the new Parliament building and it is the same cement that is being used on major roads like the one from Beitbridge to Chirundu.

‘’It is a strong type of cement. Be that as it may, I urge that as Zimbabweans, we should look at the durability of this product because such type of cement will last a long time. As a Ministry, we will talk to those that produce cement so that they can reduce their price so that it can be affordable to the majority of the people,’’ she said.