MASVINGO: An application by Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) to have water supply at its School of Medicine campus, located three kilometres from Masvingo, has been turned down by the local authority here, it has been learnt.
The Metropolitan’s latest full council minutes reveal that the varsity is establishing its School of Medicine campus at the former River Lodge amid concerns by the GZU authorities that water inadequacy has been negatively impacting on the new campus’ construction. According to the minutes, it is not possible for the council to okay the water connection application by the tertiary institution as the Medical School, located about three kilometres from the ancient city, off the Masvingo-Mashava Road, does not fall under the metro’s commonage.
As a result, Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke said, it was difficult to connect the new infrastructure to the city’s water supply system. However, Maboke remarked that there was room for a review depending on the improvement of the power situation in the city.
Council also said many areas falling under its jurisdiction were facing the same dillema.
In an interview, Director of Information and Publicity for GZU, Anderson said the university had been depending on borehole water for construction, as water woes heighten at its Medical School.
Said Chipatiso:
“We drilled some boreholes at the site and that has been our source of water ever since we started constructing the infrastructure”.

State Media