Gun Wielding SA Criminals Force Man To “Twerk” During Robbery In Gambling Bar

A video making the rounds on the internet captures the moment some armed robbers were operating in a gambling centre.
The thieves ordered all the people inside the shop in South Africa against the wall with their hands raised up high.

However, the highlight of the incident was when they ordered one of the victims to start twerking for their entertainment.

It is, however, not clear why the man was singled out and humiliated in that manner, but they enjoyed making him a subject of ridicule even though he did so hesitantly.

As one was cheering him on, another was searching the pockets of the others to collect their valuables.

A number of social media users have come out to express their amusement over this video.

Despite that these were being robbed, the thugs really created some fun out of it.


Watch video:

This could be the worst nightmare for a beer lover when gun-wielding criminals pounced at a bar in South Africa and forced patrons to face the wall while one was forced to twerk like a woman.

The video shows three criminals attacking a group of men who were enjoying their booze.

They filmed themselves and openly showed their faces with reckless abandon.