Former cabinet minister and Presidential aspirant Saviour Kasukuwere has explained why he sold the country a dummy yesterday with report that he had flown into Zimbabwe to file nomination papers.

Kasukuwere says it was a security measure to test the ZANU PF regime’s reaction.

Apparently, he brewed a storm of confusion on the political terrain after he sold a dummy to Harare authorities and misled the public through the media on his move by pretending to have flown into the country after five years to file his nomination papers today ahead of general elections on 23 August when he didn’t.

After buying into his ruse it was established later that he did not fly back home through Airlink flight No.4Z104 even though his name was on the passenger manifest.

Passenger 34 – as he was on the list – didn’t fly and land in Harare.

The NewsHawks spoke to some passengers on that list and they confirmed Kasukuwere was not on that flight.

The publication reported that, Kasukuwere checked in but didn’t fly after he was told that Zimbabweans security agents were waiting for him at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare.

Security agents were seen at the airport waiting ahead of that flight.

This means Kasukuwere’s cunning plan effectively worked to draw out his enemies and show that he will be arrested if he comes, while it also created uncertainty and confusion, as well as a credibility or trust gap on his part.

As things stand, Kasukuwere is in Johannesburg, South Africa, while nominations are underway in Harare.

He filed his nomination papers in absentia, although the issue of him not being “ordinarily resident” in Zimbabwe might be used to block him if the issue is raised by his detractors.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his rival, main opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa have already filed their papers.

Watch video below courtesy of She Correspondents Africa