President Emmerson Mnangagwa was in the debatably marginalised and underdeveloped Binga District, Matabeleland North Province, yesterday, where he was officially commissioning and handing over the Binga-Kariba fishing rigs to the local community in a move expected to transform the livelihoods of people domiciled in the remote district.

Mnangagwa who made many promises that will be summarized below, also took to the podium to dance to Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro Gamba.


Here is a summary of Mnangagwa’s promises to the people of Binga:

  • Promote the fishing business in Binga.
  • Drill community boreholes for clean water.
  • Build a new mortuary & drill a borehole at Binga hospital.
  • Repair the Binga Aerodrome.
  • Deployed construction equipment to repair roads in the area
  • For 2022 ordered the release of ZWL$408 million to address needs prioritized by communities under the Devolution Fund.
  • Build a Home Affairs Registrar General offices.
  • Deployed 4 mobile Registrar General teams to speed up documentation free of charge.
  • The 5 megawatts solar power at Cross Mabale to be distributed in the area targeting schools and clinics.
  • Build 2 boarding schools.
  • All schools with no proper accommodation will be given funds for building.
  • Food will be provided to all communities affected by drought.
  • 200 tones are already on the ground.
  • 2 Ambulances will be deployed to Binga Hospital before the end of the month.
  • Build a Vocational Training Centre Build a Nursing Training School.
  • Binga Centre was given the green light to set up a local board to turn it into a town.


Mnangagwa also said that he will go back to Binga next year, adding that he expects to get a report from the community. 

Additional Information Courtesy of: Department of Presidential Communications






officially commission and handover the

Today’s event is a fulfilment of the recent promise made by President Mnangagwa during his recent visit to the district, when he also addressed a star rally in March at Siabuwa Business Centre.

The President’s visit was to be followed by a comprehensive Cabinet resolution, which gave a green-light to the implementation of several major projects in the district in line with the Second Republic’s thrust that leaves no one and no place behind in national development.