How Marvelous Nakamba was caught in the jaws of Ginimbi

ENGLAND based Zimbabwe Warriors hardman Marvelous Nakamba’s encounter with the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kandungure was cut shot after a football official dragged him out of a party held in Harare.

This happened when Nakamba  landed at Harare Airport to join the Zimbabwe Warriors camp ahead of an international football match.

The self-proclaimed King of the all-white party immediately took to Instagram to share with his followers his meeting with Nakamba before announcing “it’s going to be going down tonight!”

“Welcome to the streets of Harare. Guys it’s going to be going down tonight,” Ginimbi bellowed.

“This is our guy, Nakamba – man of the moment. Look at this,” Ginimbi said as he wiped Nakamba’s sheen, “Swag on point,” he added.

Nakamba who had landed in the country in preparation for the Malawi friendly scheduled for October, then proceeded to a party in Harare’s leafy suburbs.

“The team manager rescued Nakamba in the middle of the night, dragging him from the party,” an impeccable source told Zim Morning Post.

“It was not clear what they said to each other but the manager had suspected that there is some sort of cultism within these all-white parties and that the party would be detrimental to Nakamba’s football career.”

“And in any case Nakamba was not supposed to be partying days before a national team assignment in which he was supposed to be in camp,” the source added.

Nakamba’s encounter with Ginimbi lit up social media at the time amid questions over coronavirus health protocols which were a major cause of concern as footballers needed to be tested before the Malawi encounter.

It is not clear if the young footballer’s participation in Ginimbi’s party have had any bearing on Nakamba’s career so far as feared by the Warriors’ team official.

The 26-year-old Aston Villa star has been battling to get first team selection since the end of last season and much of the current EPL campaign.

Ginimbi died on Sunday morning in a tragic accident along Borrowdale road, together with his three friends — Limumba Karim a US$32 million heist fugitive suspect from Malawi, Mitchelle Amuli and another girl from Mozambique who was identified as Elisha Adams.

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