The Twitter claws came out between one of Zimbabwe’s great legal minds Petina Gappah and politician slash lawyer Fadzayi Mahere.

Petina slammed Fadzayi for using her father’s government connections in order to get a place to study law at the University of Zimbabwe even when she didn’t qualify.

She further went on to accuse her of lying that she was a lawyer at the International Criminal Court when according to her it turned out she was just an intern.

The plot thickened when Petina also accused Fadzayi of trying to get in her man’s pants and threatened to release the evidence.

However Fadzai flatly denied all the accusations shot at her.

Many people including professor Jonathan Moyo have rushed to Mahere’s defense alleging that Gappah overreacted and should have dealt with Mahere in privacy.

“The unrestrained personal attack on @advocatemahere by @VascoDaGappah stinks to high heaven,” said Moyo.