Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has implored Zimbabwean youths to vote for President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa so that they make money.

Chivayo who recently showed off his new Rolls and Royce car, says money is not everything, but everything needs money, adding that youths should vote for Mnangagwa to be rich.

He recently splashed out over USD$100 000 to buy his church leader Lawrence Lavious Katsiru and wife Violet Katsiru two brand new 4×4 vehicles, a 2023 Toyota Hilux and a 2023 Toyota Fortuner VX.

“Money isn’t everything but everything needs money…2023 just put your X pane Chibaba chakataura kuti imi mese ma YOUTHS all I want is for you to make money.

“MAKE MONEY and MAKE MONEY, zvimwe zvese siyai…ED PFEE. MUNHU WESE…VANO REMERA MA STREETS ahhooiii,” he said.

Apparently, Chivayo was acquitted together with his company Intratrek Zimbabwe (Private) Limited of misappropriating US$5,6 million for the abortive 100MW Gwanda Solar Project after Harare Magistrates Court agreed that there had been an unreasonable delay in the prosecution.

Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube cleared Chivayo and his company after he upheld their application for refusal of further remand and their request for a not guilty verdict after noting that the State had “unreasonably delayed its prosecution.”

In the application lodged by Advocate Sylvester Hashiti and Advocate Lewis Uriri, Chivayo and his company had argued that it had been close to eight months after the State had summoned them back to court without any trial.