Tinashe Zisengwe

A Macheke man will rue the day he chopped an endangered Musasa tree after being denied bail by Provincial Magistrate Arnold Maburo.

The 30 year old Phillimon Navaya of Durlstone Farm in Macheke is in trouble after he allegedly cut down the Musasa tree which he wanted to use in thatching his hut.

Prosecutor Emmanuel Dera told the court that on April 4 at around midday, the accused Navaya armed himself with an axe before proceeding to a nearby farm where he allegedly started to cut down some Musasa logs which he wanted to use in roofing his hut.

A security guard at the farm, Rodrick Simbi (48) picked up the sound of an axe cutting down trees before he decided to go and investigate.

On approaching the scene, he allegedly saw the suspect busy cutting down the trees as he already had 21 chopped pieces which were about two metres long.

Simbi then issued an arrest and handed over the suspect to Macheke police Station.

Magistrate Maburo remanded Phillimon in custody awaiting his judgment next week.