PROPHET TAPIWA FREDDY: Zimbabwe church pastor goes viral after asking a woman to remove her underwear and defecate in front congregants during a recorded sermon.

The clergyman  who is a founder of the Goodness and Mercy Ministries church based in Zimbabwe is trending after he made a woman poop live on stage during a healing service. During the rather undignified healing process, the so called Prophet can be heard shouting “come out, come out.”

After the woman has the bowel movement on stage, congregants can be seen clapping sheepishly, while the self styled prophet T Freddy declares that they have just witnessed the “power of God.”

The video of the healing was shared on the church’s social media platforms. The video is now going viral after being shared widely.

Pastor Fred woman poop video

Prophet Tapiwa Freddy

Meanwhile, many people in Zimbabwe and abroad have reacted with shock following the church’s publicity stunt.

The message below is from one Nigel Gwirikwiti who wrote, “The gullibility, imbecility and intellectual laziness is outrageously nauseating.”

Nigel Gwirikwiti writes:

I thought I had seen it all . Alas! The unprecedented charlatanism exhibited by the con artist mononymously known as Freddy has proved me wrong . It was a deed without a name . Masquerading as a “ prophet” the aforesaid charlatan is seen in a video wherein he was claiming to drive evil spirits from an elderly woman. Publicly, the woman removed her pants and commenced the process of defecation as Freddy was murmuring the words “come out”. Pun intended on the word “ murmuring “ .

The nincompoopery, tomfoolery buffoonery and more disturbingly blasphemy exhibited by these gospel entrepreneurs is now tantamount to felonious acts. Consequently, they must be prosecuted for such gross charlatanism . Equally guilty are the congregants who moronically, lamely and blindly follow these charlatans . The papa worshippers will lamely defend their charlatans under any means necessary or unnecessary. In fact , presciently, they will conveniently flash either the “ though shalt not touch the anointed ones “ or “ thou shalt not judge “ card on me as a mitigating factor to sanitize their papa’s charlatanism. The gullibility, imbecility and intellectual laziness is outrageously nauseating.

Ironically, the charlatan could not use his “ spiritual spectacles” to see in advance that his church was going to be destroyed last year . He could not foretell the event because it was not theatre , it was reality . He has mastered the art to mendaciously and theatrically execute staged miracles . Freddy Voetsek Wena!

Freddy must be arrest . This is too much !!

PS. People who endorse such imbecility must be forbidden to vote.