HARARE: A cheating married couple only identified as Mai Prince and Baba Theresa(Tonde) have been on bed, naked, in the middle of the act by their partners.

Sources say the two, who are neighbours, had a long-standing relationship even though Mai Prince was a neighbour and an associate of Baba Theresa’s wife who we will call Mai Theresa for now.

In a message leaked to the press, the cheating woman said to her friend’s husband “ko nhai Tonde chimbondisv****awo ka nhasi ndanzwa.”

Mai Theresa discovered the illicit relationship when she went through her husband’s phone and came upon some steamy messages shared between the two and decided to set a trap.

At the time of publishing, details on how the trap was sprung were yet to be confirmed. However, Mai Theresa seems to have joined forces with Mai Prince’s husband and teamed up to bust the two cheating lovebirds after they scheduled a rendezvous.

The two were caught red-handed in the middle of a tryst and were recorded while nude and semi-nude in bed. It seems like the adulterous couple were too dumbstruck to cover themselves. The male cheater manages to save a little dignity by using a single hand to hide his privates. Some eagle-eyed social media users were quick to notice that the hand hiding the privates, has a wedding band on it.

While Mai Prince seems awestruck and does not say anything while the video is being recorded, her lover is being grilled on his shenanigans by Mai Prince’s husband.

Baba Theresa, the philandering husband,  claims that he had no idea that Mai Prince was a married woman and claims that she told him that she had separated from her husband. He pleads for mercy.

Below is a video of the two after they were caught in the act: