Trevor Noah is not just SA’s sweetheart, he is the ideal boyfriend- according to this internet user.

TikToker @maya2950 took to the popular short video streaming platform recently to declare her feelings for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah host.

In a video just for him, she listed the reasons why she and Trevor are a match made in heaven: including how she makes “a mean grilled cheese” sandwich.

She claimed to even have the stamp of approval from Trevor’s colleague Roy Wood Jr.

“Also, as you can see, I’ve already met Roy Wood Jr. He gave me free tickets to his show. He talked for like 20 minutes at this BBQ joint. It was great. So I’m already co-worker approved. I can go to all our work functions!”

The user said she and Trevor would make a great pair because of their shared interests.

“If you’ve ever seen any of my videos, I clearly care about all the same things you do. You are the one who inspired me to get people to register to be poll workers last year.

“Anyway, my DMs are always open for you so hit me up.”

BTW, she says she is “0% kidding”.

Sis may have to wait in line, though, after a close source told People US that the SA-born comedian is dating actress Minka Kelly. The insider added: “It’s a very serious relationship.”

A few years ago, Trevor spoke about marriage and cohabiting, telling The Howard Stern Show that he is a big advocate of not living together, even if you are married.

“I’m a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you’re in a marriage … I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships break up is caused by this cohabiting bulls**t that people believe is the way relationships are supposed to be.”

He added that he doesn’t believe in openly displaying his bae and prefers to keep his love life private.

-Times Live