Identified Kidnappers of CCC Lawmaker Takudzwa Ngadziore Revealed as State Security Agents

Harare, Zimbabwe – The perpetrators responsible for the abduction of Takudzwa Ngadziore, a legislator representing the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), have been unveiled as Nicholas ‘Big Daddy’ Kajese and Abraham Pasi, both alleged to be state security agents.

This 25-year-old first-time legislator was subjected to a harrowing abduction as he was preparing to leave for Parliament from his residence. He was forcibly seized by a group of armed men wielding AK47 rifles. Subsequently, he endured a brutal ordeal, which included being stripped naked, physically assaulted, tortured, and injected with an unidentified substance.

According to sources providing information about the culprits, Kajese and Pasi are part of the ‘Ferret Team’ stationed at Harare Central Police Station and are under the command of Ishmael Mada, the CIO director of internal affairs.

During the distressing incident, Ngadziore managed to capture his assailants on a 7-second video, which he personally live-streamed using his phone as they closed in on him. In the footage, he can be heard exclaiming, “I am being followed,” while the attackers advanced towards him.

The distress call and subsequent dissemination of images showing Ngadziore writhing in agony provoked widespread public condemnation and brought further attention to Zimbabwe’s alarming descent into state-sponsored terrorism under the leadership of incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Ngadziore was later admitted to a private hospital in Harare, with reports indicating that he sustained severe injuries, including a broken hand, a fractured knee, and multiple cuts across his body. The nature and danger of the substance injected into him remain unknown, as does the motive behind the unprovoked attack.

CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, attributed the growing pattern of systematic abductions of party politicians to Zanu PF. In an interview, he remarked, “This is yet another example of wanton lawlessness that has gripped Zimbabwe since the sham election. They know they did not win; they know the people are not happy and might rise, and all this is meant to demoralize the people. It also looks like the regime is preparing to defy SADC outcomes if they are not favorable to them by turning into a totally rogue regime.”

Reverend Kenneth Mutata, an outspoken preacher associated with the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, also condemned Ngadziore’s abduction. He emphasized the need for collective rejection of such lawlessness and expressed concerns about the government’s ability to ensure human security, especially for members of parliament. Mutata urged a shift away from abduction and torture as a means to suppress dissenting voices and instead proposed lasting solutions for the nation


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