Harare, Zimbabwe – In a startling development, celebrated gospel artist Ivy Kombo and her spouse, Pastor Admire Kasi, have been taken into custody on charges of acquiring fraudulent law certificates to practice in Zimbabwe, despite obtaining Bachelor of Laws degrees in the United Kingdom.

The couple is scheduled to make their first court appearance this afternoon, where they will face allegations of fraud and perjury. The arrests were carried out by a specialized investigative unit of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Ivy Kombo and Pastor Admire Kasi were part of a group of 12 individuals who were admitted as lawyers at the High Court earlier this year. It has been revealed that their admission was based on certificates that were allegedly fraudulently acquired with the aid of a suspended official from the Council for Legal Education.

Under normal legal procedures, after completing a law degree and fulfilling the required supervised legal work, all lawyers are required to take an oath and be sworn in as officers of the High Court. This designation allows them to practice law independently, without the need for constant supervision. As part of this process, lawyers are expected to take dual oaths of loyalty to Zimbabwe and an oath of office.