Renowned Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo has hit the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe with a US$33 000 lawsuit.

He says this follows the company’s reported failure to pay for services he rendered in 2019.

According to TheNewsHawks, Mapfumo is alleging he did a commercial advert for the company and was paid US$2000 instead of US$35000.

Meanwhile, Mapfumo is one of the best musicians to ever emerge in Zimbabwe both created and popularised Chimurenga music, with his slow-moving style and distinctive voice, Mapfumo made a mark in the country.

Mapfumo who now stays abroad visits the country periodically, more so with the coming of the new guard in Zimbabwe.

He was reported to have had bad blood with the former political dispensation in Zimbabwe under the late former President Robert Mugabe, who he was a strong critic of.