There was commotion an free drama in Kwekwe city centre after a huge snake was found in a parked vehicle.

Rangers from  ZimParks had to break into the Toyota Wish vehicle to retrieve the snake after its owner disappeared.

According to midlands news, Zimbabwe National Parks Authority officials were called to a car park opposite Zim Midas motor vehicle spares shop in Kwekwe Tuesday afternoon after a more than three metre python snake was found curled inside a vehicle.

Scores of people could be seen jostling to catch a glimpse of the giant snake around 330pm soon after the arrival of the Wildlife authorities.

“It was a big snake. That thing had a grith of about 300 centimeters”, said many who thronged the car park close to the Old TM Supermarket in Kwekwe CBD.

According to officials from Zim Parks, the reptile was spotted Tuesday afternoon inside an unregistered white Toyota Wish vehicle by an identified person.

The car owner could not be located.

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