The Minister of Local Government July Moyo has approved the reduction of fares for Zimbabwe United Passanger Company (ZUPCO).

He says this is meant to make the buses more affordable to the masses.

He also said Inter-city buses will be redeployed to urban operations to increase carrying capacity & efficiency.

Meanwhile, on July 1, ZUPCO hiked its fares by 100 percent citing high operational costs.

According to a public notice, at the time, passengers were to pay $60 per trip for ZUPCO buses up from $30 while the kombis were now charging $80 up from $50 for a distance of 0 to 20 kilometres.

For those travelling a distance of 21 to 30 kilometres they would pay $90 per trip for ZUPCO buses up from $45 while kombis were charging $120 up from $90 and for a distance of 31 to 40 kilometres ZUPCO buses with charging $110 up from $60.

Apparently, there has been a public outcry over these new fares.

Some commuters were shunning buses in favour of private vehicles.