A Harare vendor was left counting her losses after she sustained burns on her neck and below the breasts and her back after a fellow vendor failed to endure the embarrassment of the confrontation over a RTGS $17 debt before customers.

Clara Garawaziva was unaware that asking for her money back that had been borrowed by Shadiner Kufarunesu would have dire consequences for her after she was scalded for asking for the debt in public.

Speaking to the H-Metro, Clara lamented over the ill treatment she had received for asking for money she was owed by Shadiner.

”I regret helping Shadiner when she approached me for help unaware that she would leave me in such pain. Our friendship ended because of a small amount of money, I expected Shadinar to pay up on time since she knew that in my business we count on volumes to make profit. I realised it later that she was offended by being asked for money infront of clients. She paid by scalding me instead of settling the debt  and this is emotionally affecting me daily considering that she never thought of apologising.”

Clara also told the paper that, Shadiner’s actions had prompted her to lodge a complaint to the police, in order to get medical attention. It is reported that Shadiner denied the allegations that had been laid against her after an investigation had been carried out.

Contacted for comment, Shadiner confirmed the incident but refused to furnish the paper with information on what transpired on the day.

” What I can only say is that we has a misunderstanding with Clara and I have nothing  more to comment,” said Shadiner.

source iharare