All is not well for MDC Youth Assembly leader Shakespeare Mukoyi who was arrested on Monday for allegedly shooting a Zanu-PF activist days after a nationwide strike over fuel prices in January.

Mukoyi is accused of shooting the unnamed Zanu-PF supporter in the thigh with an AK47 while dressed in military uniform, which he refutes.

The vanguard leader spent the greater part of Monday, April 1, being questioned by detectives at Harare Central Police Station before being released into the custody of his lawyer. He will appear in court soon facing charges of attempted murder.

Obey Shava, of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, said the charges were baseless

“The allegations are without foundation and we will be fighting them vigorously. If they were genuine, surely the police would have been ready for court by now, considering that it allegedly happened in January 2019,” the lawyer said….zimlive