About half a million United States dollars is needed for the production of Nesango film, the movie director and singer Clive Malunga has revealed.

The shooting of the film which began in 2019, was born out of Malunga’s 1997 popular song “Nesango”.

Malunga says the film which follows an animation of the same will be shot in various locations around Zimbabwe.

The project is being shot with the assistance of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe National Army.

“About 99 percent activities were shot in the bush area and we engaged the services of police, prison and defence forces. We spent three months shooting with experts — the police, prison officers and soldiers.

“Now, we will do auditions and when we have the final cast, they will then be placed in various characters, blending with the original members of the police and defence forces.