A woman from Gweru was baptized with a bucket of urine for having an affair with a married man.

Tendai Hwata of Senga suburb had an embarrassing moment after she was soaked in urine by Precious Nhamo who claimed that Hwata was having an affair with her husband.

An eye witness told the press that Hwata was at her vending stand when Nhamo approached her and accused her of having an affair with her husband.

“Tendai was in her vending stall when she was approached by Precious who accused her of having an illicit relationship with her husband. Tendai denied the accusations saying she does not know the person in question,” said the source.

“The two women engaged in a heated argument over the issue. Precious accused Tendai of wanting to destroy her marriage. She also said that Tendai was spending her husband’s money whilst her kids go hungry,” added the source.

During the argument, Precious opened a 5 litre bucket that she had come with and poured the contents on Tendai’s head.

“During the course of the argument Precious opened a bucket that had urine and soaked Tendai’s head with the contents. She also called Tendai names before going to her house,” added the source.

Hwata had no kind words for Nhamo and threatened to take legal action against her.

“She is a loose woman who fights everyone whom she suspects is having an affair with her husband. The truth is that l am dating her husband but l want to report her to the police for soaking me with urine,” said Hwata.

Nhamo was adamant that Hwata and claimed that she saw messages in her husband’s phone.

“I know she is dating my husband because l saw the messages in my husband’s phone. She can deny it all she wasn’t but she is spending my husband’s money whilst my kids are suffering,” she said.