In an incident that has left villagers in Mashoko village under chief Nembudziya in Gokwe stunned, a 20 year old man had an incestuous relationship with his 16 year old sister which resulted in the teenager getting pregnant.

It is alleged that the two siblings, Tanaka and Tanatswa Bande stayed together in their homestead following the death of the parents.

A neighbour to the two siblings who refused to be named said Tanatswa who was doing form three at a local school stopped going to school which made her to inquire why she was not attending school.

Tanatswa stopped going to school which got me worried. I then asked her what the problem was because l threat her as my own daughter.

At first she told me that she had no school fees money so l offered to pay for her. She then confessed that she was pregnant saying that is the reason she had stopped going to school,” said the source.

Upon further interrogation by her neighbour, she confessed that she has been sleeping with her brother for the past two years.

“I asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy but she first lied saying that she doesn’t know. She later confessed that her brother Tanaka is the one who got her pregnant.

“She also confessed that the two have been having incestuous relationship for the past two years,” said the source.

Chief Nembudziya confirmed the incident.
“I can confirm that l received a report about a 20 year old man who got her biological sister pregnant. I haven’t summoned the two to my court but they are likely to be summoned this week,” said Chief Nembudziya.