As thousands of travelers cross between Zimbabwe and South Africa, there is a lot of chaos at the border due to large numbers of people moving between the two countries.

Around Christmas time many Zimbabweans in South Africa travel back home to spend the festive season with friends and family. There is also a huge number of traders going the opposite direction to buy some groceries in the neighbouring country.

Last weekend was a total shutdown as the South African side failed to process travelers due to industrial action.

Unfortunately huge lines of people waiting to cross from South Africa are still seen after the industrial action was resolved.

Some people, especially South African tourists, are travelling via Botswana where there is not much traffic at the crossing points.

Below are some photos indicating how bad the situation is becoming at our Zimbabwe-South Africa border.

Joseph Moyo a regular traveler to South Africa told reporters that the situation is likely to worsen and continue up to the first week of new year 2017.

beitbridge-latet-chaos capturezim-beitbridge-border-chaos