A sister to the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s late mother, has revealed that the controversy-ridden businessman had no plans of attending the birthday bash of former fitness trainer Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali, who also perished in the car accident that claimed his life, Sunday morning.

Gogo Kadungure told the state media that prior to the sad events that led to his tragic demise, Ginimbi had opted stay at his plush Domboshava residence as he was not feeling well, but later forced his way to the party which precipitated towards his death.

She said if, and only if, the glitzy businessman had ‘followed his conscience’ he could not have perished in the horrific carnage which killed him.

“Genius was one person who did not want to disappoint his friends and that forced him to overlook his feelings about leaving Domboshava,” emotionally narrated Gogo Kadungure in an interview at the accident scene.

“Ndakapedzisira kutaura naye kuma 6pm manheru achiti aingonzwa kurukutika muviri wake achipera simba zvekuti akambofunga kurega kuenda kubhawa. He later decided to leave and I wish if he had followed his conscience we would not be at this horrible scene.

Genius also told me his plans to organise a memorial service for his late mother on the 5th of December this year but hey zvaramba,” she said.

“He will sadly be missed by the family, Domboshava community and his friends in business,” Gogo Kadungure remarked.

Meanwhile, according to one of the bouncers only identified as Simbi, who also attended Moana’s birthday party, said as a rarity, Ginimbi atypically left the pub much later than he used to, habitually.

Simbi also revealed that the police thrice tried to stop the party but the party attendees disregarded the fines they had paid and continued partying.

“We have been robbed of a loving and generous man who changed my lifestyle,” Simbi told the state media.

“I was among the guests celebrating Mimi’s birthday and on three occasion police raided the place and forced it to close but the party continued. Mapurisa vakauya vakasunga vanhu vakanobhadhariswa fines vakavharisa mutambo katatu asi pakavhurwa mafaro akapfuurira mberi. It was the first of its kind and no one knew it would end in that way,” he said.

“Genius normally leaves the pub around 2am but this is the first time he left at around 5am. He was visibly drunk and had it not been for the fact that he was not comfortable letting other people drive his car, it was best for him not to drive”.

It is also reported that amongst the people who attended the scene of the accident were Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Zimbabwe Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, her mother and father together with humiliatingly dismissed former Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi and Tino Machakaire.

state media
additional reporting: Zwnews