Former husband to Grace Mugabe, Stanley Goreraza, has come out guns blazing after watching a shocking bedroom video allegedly belong to Pokello Nare.

Not dissuaded by Pokello’s protestations that the person in the video clip is not her, Goreraza went on to express anger over the “disgusting” video.

Below is his message unedited:

No no no Pokello. Hatibvumidzwe kudaro nevaridzi venyika ino. Mvura hainaye. We are not Americans. We have a culture and values to maintain that give us our identity. You have every right to do whatever you want to but I don’t think making love and posting it on social media is Zimbabwean. Ngatidzokerei ku hunhu ne tsika kwete zvinyadzo zvakadaro.

Our hunhu and tsika are what make us who we are. Please do not destroy them just so you can gain attention and get your name up there. I hope you have deleted that abomination of a video. Your mother, your uncles, cousins all watching that mess? Haunzwe kunyara?

Unonyadzisa. Have some class. Disgusting.

Stanley Goreraza