Zimbabwe must change its currency from the discredited RTGS$ to Dr Joshua Nkomo$ (in honour of Father Zimbabwe), a Central banker has proposed.

Arguing his point Collins Ndlovu, said, the strength of money is synonymous with trust. Money is a store of value and a medium. It is an object which derives its value from trust, confidence and credibility hence Dr Nkomo’s name is value laden that a currency with his name will spruce up the economy.

I propose that given the centrality of trust in money, Zimbabwe must change its currency from the discredited RTGS$ to Dr Joshua Nkomo (in honour of Father Zimbabwe). This should be accompanied by the picture of Dr Nkomo on the face of the new currency just like the British Pound has Queen Elizabeth, the South African Rand had Nelson Mandela, the American notes have various former US presidents.

If this is done and the new currency is given all the hallmarks and characteristics of a fully fledged currency like international tradability, free floating, liquidity, inter alia, then Zimbabwe could potentially solve the now too familiar currency crisis once and for all.

This is a currency that ordinary Zimbabweans can readily embrace and cherish. The very presence of the face of Father Zimbabwe in the form of Dr Joshua Nkomo could be what is needed to restore faith, trust, credibility and confidence in the new currency of Zimbabwe.

May all progressive Zimbabweans of all ideological stripes kindly throw their weight behind this initiative so that the weight, stamina and stability of that nationalist stalwart could be used to save the country from the ongoing currency confusion, proposed Ndlovu.