Former cabinet Minister and Generation 40 kingmaker, Jonathan Moyo has, unmasked President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s abduction and torture machine, (the ferrets) saying they work around the clock with day and night shifts spying on citizens.

He says, they have a countrywide list of targeted citizens seen as anti-Mnangagwa to be abducted, tortured, or killed. Moyo adds that the act is subversive for that reason.

“The ferrets are now a law unto themselves. Only an international judicial process can stop them!” Says Moyo.

He says the main aim, or only purpose of the ferrets, a self-given name after the 2017 coup, is to abduct & torture citizens accused of threatening or undermining Mnangagwa’s authority and identified either by Isaac Moyo & Owen Mudha Ncube at the CIO or by General Thomas Moyo at Military Intelligence Department!

“Mnangagwa’s abduction & torture, force consist of ferret teams with operatives mainly from the CIO & MID, that sometimes include CID officers from ZRP’s Law & Order section.

“While ferret teams are now in every district, they are most active in Bulawayo & especially in Harare!” He says.