Journalists from some media houses were denied entry into ZANU PF, African National Congress (ANC) press briefing held in the capital this evening.

Only those from state run media houses, such as South African Broadcasting Corporation-News, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation- News, and Herald Zimbabwe were allowed.

Meanwhile, ZANU-PF recently barred the South African envoy from meeting various stakeholders, in their efforts to help find a lasting solution to the country’s political crisis.

Apparently, the ruling party maintains that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

And political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says preventing the envoy from meeting other people and the ostrich syndrome being employed by ZANU-PF will not solve the problem.

“ZANU PF can do all it wants and block everyone from meeting ANC at least physically in Zimbabwe to talk about the Zimbabwe crisis.

“This satisfies their fascist mentality but, does not kick the problem away and does not stop other forms of communication. Zimbabwe crisis continues,” he says.