The United Nations launched an investigation into a probable case of sexual misconduct after a video of its worker bonking a woman at the back of a car in Tel Aviv, Israel, went viral.

The video was taken by an Israeli resident. It shows a UN 4X4 car approaching what seems to be a traffic light. The car is a Toyota landcruiser and is branded UN on top and either sides and  also on top of the bonnet. The video was taken during the night. There are two men visible in the car, with the other driving and the other seated in the passenger seat behind the driver. The video which is believed to have been taken in Tel Aviv shows a woman in a red dress in a sex act with a UN official on the passenger seat of the car.

Another man appears to be asleep in the passenger seat. The clip was shared widely on social media on Friday.

Describing the behaviour seen in the 18-second video as “abhorrent”, he said an investigation led by the UN”s Office of Internal Oversight Services was “moving very quickly”.

That kind of behaviour “goes against everything we stand for and having been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by UN staff”, Dujarric said.

The UN has strict policies against sexual misconduct by its staff members.

Dujarric said the identification of the individuals seen in the video was “close to being completed”.

“We expect the process to be concluded very quickly and intend to promptly take the appropriate action,” he said.

In 2019, there were 175 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against UN staff members, a report said.