A British Member of Parliament Katey Hoey has told European countries and the the United States not to change policies towards Zimbabwe until General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga is removed from his position as the country’s Vice President and Defence Minister.

Said Hoey:
“There should be no change to @P_VanDamme_EU or @UKinZimbabwe or American government policies to Zimbabwe government until at the very minimum Chiwenga is removed from his Vice Presidency and his control of the military.”

But people have warned that removing Chiwenga from power will be mission impossible as he is practically the country’s number one and most powerful person in Zimbabwe at the moment.

“Madam MP, there is a general consensus in Zimbabwe that Chiwenga is actually the de facto President and is in charge of everything. With that in mind, who then is going to remove him,” said a man responding to Ms Hoey.

Kate joins hundreds of others who feel that Mnangagwa does not control the country’s security forces. Someone more sinister and unstable might be pulling the shots in Harare.

Max Bearak, a US journalist with the Washington Post was also left wondering if the military controls ED Mnagagwa or vice versa:

“As I leave, I want to thank the tireless Zimbo journos & mention 3 Qs we can all still work on: 1) Does Mnangagwa control the military or vice versa? 2) Why is there *still* massive repression of dissent if he won the election fairly? 3) Is there even a plan to improve Zimbabwe?,” he said.