Imagine preaching the Word of God or Jesus Christ’s Second Coming to imbibers in a pub.

Or, even taking some hard-pressed foreign currency dealers to task by making sure that they spare some good 30 minutes off their daily hustles to conscientize them about the Second Coming of Holy Emmanuel.

This is actually what happened last Saturday when congregants of the Prophet Uebert Angel-led Spirit Embassy brought the Midlands capital of Gweru to a standstill as they indiscriminately took the Gospel to the streets and some imbibing joints in the town.

“As The Good News Church (Spirit Embassy’s Gweru Branch), we decided to awaken the people to the realization of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, particularly during this epoch when most people are occupied with how they can overcome the economic challenges they are facing and when the generality of the populace is still trying to come to terms with the current Covid19 pandemic,” Evangelism Leader Tendai Muchinadzo told a Zwnews reporter who was having some drinks with patrons at one drinking hole in the town.

“Winning souls to Christ has always been one of our main objectives as the Evangelism Team and we decided to indiscriminately take the Word to everyone including money changers and vendors in this town Our resident pastors, Pastor Joseph and Pastor Poline Simon have always been urging us to take the Gospel to places where preaching the Second Coming is a rarity- we’re glad this has been achieved and the overwhelming response we received today is quite encouraging,” Tatenda Chirisa told this publication.