#TysonWabantu Movement was initiated by young Zimbabweans who came together under  banner #Tysonwabantu. This was after analyzing the situation in Zimbabwe and concluding that there is a need to find a solution to the tough economic and political experiences in Zimbabwe.

The situational condition is premixed on leadership failure and policy in consistencies. The youth comprise almost about 60% of the total population and have been subjected to much suffering.

The #TysonWabantu movement is a well networked movement with a national and international footprint. It’s a movement set up to lobby for Zimbabweans who want choose and believe in a leader who can represent the wishes of all Zimbabweans from across the political divide in peace and bring unity amongst all the Zimbabweans.

Therefore in the process, we identified none other than Saviour Kasukuwere the youthful and former Zimbabwe cabinet Minister who has the needed experience to be the leader of the movement and subsequently be the leader of our Great nation.

The #TysonWabantu Movement believes in a great leader who is able to create a tolerant Zimbabwe and who is able to unite all Zimbabweans from different backgrounds, be it rural or urban, young or old, uniformed forces or civilian,  a leader who if elected into national office should be able to advocate for the interests of all Zimbabweans at national and international level for Zimbabwe to be back to its basics.

Saviour Kasukuwere is a youthful leader with a wonderful track record from his time in the Zimbabwe government. He has the influence to galvanize and influence a pro young people policy formulation. #Tysonwabantu believes in giving an opportunity to our well skilled and capable young people a chance to build their country, it from this pool of capable young people, He will build  a team which can solve the social, political and economic plight of all Zimbabweans.

As a movement we are saying  Zimbabwe must  to get back to  basics:

1)    We need a disciplined leader of sound characters and sober habits.
2)    Respect the Land Reform and ensure genuine productivity in the farms
3)    We need to respect the rule of law and good governance.
4)    No to corruption and respect public property
5)    Respect property law, Pay Debts, promote fair and just practices.
6)    Lead in Love, Lead in Peace and respect human rights.
7)    Transparency and Accountability in all actions of the Government.
8)    Ensure that all Minerals in Zimbabwe are put to full use and benefit all Zimbabweans
9)    Respect, Protect and empower  Women and Youth and uphold morality.
10)    Respect and Uphold human rights

Saviour Kasukuwere is a God fearing family man and if  we give him a chance, the  youthful leader is  able to build, promote and maintain true values of Ubuntu and Good Governance.

Source – Ntokozo Msipha