Workmates were fooled to believe they were friends but these two were caught in their birthday suits during working hours enjoying the adult game!

Business came to a halt at Turk Mine when two married workmates were caught having sx in the office in broad daylight.

It is reported that the guard on duty was disturbed by noises coming from one of the offices and upon checking, he stumbled upon two adults who were squeezing the world out of each other.

The security guard caught Victor Ndebele and Concilia Phiri busy in the act and he reported the matter to senior management.

A reliable source said: “It was around 4pm in the afternoon when a guard heard funny noises coming from one of the offices, forcing him to check on what was happening.

“He found the two having sx.”

‘‘I cannot say much, but I can confirm that there is an issue of love affair being investigated. These two were caught having sx during working hours, go back to your sources and they will tell you everything,’’ said Turk Mine worker’s chairperson Elvanos Mugure.

The source revealed that the two went for a disciplinary hearing and the judgment to fire both of them was reached.

Tongues have been left wagging as the two had made their workmates believe that they were just friends.

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